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We ask you in Christ for all Christians who believe in Biblical Marriage to donate $50. We need 150,000 Christians to stand up for Christ. You will receive an instant blessing from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The National Black Church Initiative's
National Black Marriage Retreat Facility

The National Black Church Initiative intends to purchase a 2.3 acre retreat specifically to house a dedicated sanctuary for the purpose of celebrating, sustaining, and saving Black Marriages, located in Cheverly, MD.

In light of the attack on biblical marriage from the state and society, the best and only way to respond is as a Christian community to create and sustain a place where Black marriages are celebrated, encouraged, and sustained for the Lord and children.

Our focus at the end of the day is to create marriage disciples for Christ Jesus.
The current owners have an asking price of $500,000 for the land and a house on the property.

In the spirit of building strong faith-based families, we are humbly asking in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior for 5,000 of God's holiest churches who understand this vision to give a sacrificial offer of a one-time gift of only $1,700. This will allow NBCI to purchase the retreat, refurbish it to accommodate participants, and help reach out to couples in need of spiritual maritial healing.

If we attain our goal of committing 5,000 churches in the next 30 days, the church will finally be doing its real job of strengthening the black family and creating disciples for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Please take a moment to look at the land that has inspired this marriage retreat and will hopefully serve as a refuge for couples seeking maritial healing here. Click to enlarge images.
sm6301kilmer-street.jpg sm6301kilmer-earth.jpg sm6301kilmer-map.jpg

Our vision for the National Black Marriage Retreat Facility will focus on three critical areas:




What does your church get out of this simple investment for Christ?
  1. A blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ for being faithful to the Word of God.
  2. 35% off group rate discount when the retreat is finished and ready for operation for two years.
  3. Your church's name on a plaque memorializing it as a founding member of the National Black Marriage Retreat.
  4. Pastoral recognition for their leadership and automatic consideratin for the Board of Directors of the National Black Marriage Retreat.
  5. 15% discount for your congregants.
  6. Invitation to and recognition at the inaugural ceremony of the National Black Marriage Retreat.

For more information April Richards or Becky Hammer at 443-467-1147 or e-mail Becky Hammer