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African American Ministers Demand Dean of Howard University School of Divinity Alton B. Pollard's Resignation

Dean Alton B. Pollard, Howard School of Divinity

32,000 teens die every year from texting and driving. NBCI hopes to change this tragedy “1 Million Teen Text and Driving Club” members.

Visit the NBCI Don't Text While Driving Campaign website.

No text message, e-mail, website or video is worth the endangering your life or the life of others on the road.

Marriage is an essential component for successful families. Today, across all races, more than 6.8 million opposite-sex unmarried couples lived together in 2008. This family trend seems to affect African American children specifically at a disparate rate - the latest look from the US Census Bureau shows that only 32% of Black children live with both parents as opposed to 78% of white children.

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OHIO, MICHIGAN, VIRGINIA, UTAH, TEXAS, and OKLAHOMA are the next battles for BIBLICAL MARRIAGE - One man, one woman!

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NBCI Supports Strong Black Biblical Marriages
Black Couple Working to help people build stronger and healthier marriages
"Still Standing" is about the trials and tribulations of marriage, says Lamar. Six African-American couples tell talk candidly about how they overcame obstacles in their marriages, ranging from infidelity to financial hardship.

Dr. Tony Evans Nails the Answer to the Question of How Christians Should Discuss the Tragic Issue of Homosexuality in the Church and in Our Country.

Reverend Evans is interviewed in a segment provided by Odyssey Networks, a multi-faith coalition promoting tolerance, peace and social justice.


Reverend Evans is interviewed in a segment provided by WUSA-9, discussing the US Supreme Court debate on same sex marriage.